[ODE] doxygen ref guide... slowly getting there.

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Fri May 5 07:55:31 MST 2006


I've moved the documentation on the 'world' and 'body' API
from ode/ode.doc to the include/ode/objects.h file.

A doxygen run over the source code can thus create a reference
The output is here:
and here:


* the joints part of API (to be documented in objects.h as well)

* the other header files

* Find out why the doxygen runs on my debian machine look so
  much nicer than the one generated by sf.net
  (Also: sf's doxygen runs give incomplete output: there are
   no modules listed)

* functions with only a brief desc don't have a detailed section
  on the resulting webpage.


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