[ODE] Still Spheres Vs Trimesh at Triangle Edges

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue May 2 08:41:12 MST 2006

Jaroslav Sinecky wrote:
> Well, I think I recognized that I also get little "jumps" when rolling 
> over edges but it's small enough and hidden by contact "softness" (CFM) 
> not to have really noticeable effect on handling.
> I prefer to disable MERGECONTACTS because it's better for non-standard 
> situations like sphere rolling over ground and at the same time touching 
> a wall.

MERGECONTACTS is overly aggressive.

What I do is merge all contacts that are within epsilon of each other 
(yes, using an O(N-squared) search) -- it's usually not that many 
elements to worry about. When merging the contacts, I average and 
re-normalize the normals, and average the "depth" value. In the case of 
spheres rolling over triangle meshes, the two contacts will be pretty 
much coincident, so this works fairly well.


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