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Jean de Largentaye jlargentaye at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 08:18:40 MST 2006

Isn't POD similar to doxygen? If so, I believe it's planned. Docs
generated from in-line comments are great to describe an API. However,
this wouldn't replace the current doc, but rather complement it.
I think it's everyone's sentiment that the current doc is of great
quality, even if somewhat out of date relative to recent development,
and it will be kept around. However, I agree that we need some way to
make modifications more easily, and would be in favor of trying out a
php.net style. User comments are really useful. But then, what would
be the possibilities of converting this into another format, like pdf?
This would be useful, but not vital.


On 3/30/06, Hampus Soderstrom <hampus at sxp.se> wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> How about pod format for documentation. It can easily be converted to
> man, html and text.
> /Hampa
> 30 mar 2006 kl. 21.25 skrev J. Perkins:
> > I'd like to start working on updating the install/build portion of the
> > ODE documentation. I wanted to get some feedback on what people
> > thought of the current single-page HTML format for the documentation.
> > Would it be better to move the documentation to the wiki? Or perhaps
> > something more like php.net, where topics are broken out to separate
> > pages and people can leave comments?
> >
> > The single-page HTML has the advantage of being easy to ship with the
> > software, but obviously it falls out of date very easily. The
> > wiki...well, the ODE wiki is just very ugly  but it seems to work. The
> > php.net solution is most complicated (I'd probably install Drupal on
> > opende.sf.net - see http://www.drupal.org/) but having the ability to
> > answer FAQs right inline with the relevant documentation is a sweet
> > feature.
> >
> > I'm looking for input, let me know what you think and I'll try to
> > get it done.
> >
> > Jason
> >
> > (One of these days I do have to get to my own work)
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