[ODE] Havok and NVIDIA present Havok FX at GDC 2006

Dominique Louis Dominique at SavageSoftware.com.au
Tue Mar 28 09:21:27 MST 2006

A more recent ( 22nd of March 2006 ) an official announcement  of PS3's 
of PhysX can be read here...

Dominique Louis
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Quoting steve1011 <steve1011 at att.net>:
> The PS3 is spec'ed to support PhysX as an add-on PCI card. Mentioned 
> here: 
> http://www.ps3station.com/98/PS3-passes-PhysX-Test-XBox-360-Fails.htm
> Steve
> Mohsin Hasan wrote:
>> I don't believe PS3 specs mention PhysX hardware. Correct me if I'm 
>> wrong but I think they just support the SDK through one of their own 
>> SPE or something.
>>  Also, I believe GPU physics will be good for effects only. It won't 
>> be able to do high scale fluids/joints/collision calculations. This 
>> is where PhysX seems to have an edge. But nonetheless even if GPUs 
>> can accelerate effect physics, that can be a good start. It won't 
>> make much of a sense for single GPU machines but it would just make 
>> the crossfire and SLI more worthwhile and mainstream.
>>  Mohsin

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