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thanks! i cant find it but i will keep searching. i have heard something
aboot the sizes and scales. people says that bigger objects are better. do
you know something?@

> There were the "trimesh preprocessing" patch around. Try to search the
> list
> or maybe it's in the SF tracker. It allowed taging edges or vertices not
> to
> be considered during collision.
> Cheers,
> Jaroslav
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>> Hello again friends. I know that this has been discussed before a lot,
>> but
>> i am still having troubles.
>> The problem is, as the title says, collision with triangle edges on
>> triangle mesh collider. I have heard about people that just ignoring
>> contact points when at an edge solves the problem.
>> But how to do that?
>> Is there any good way to fix this problem?
>> I really need this, so any help very very much appreciated.
>> Thanks friends.
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