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thank you Simon.
In fact, when the spring constant is so low, the joint 'crashes'. it was my problem : i used K = 5 or 10 for a body of 5Kg Mass. Using a higher K and the documentation formula it work fine.


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I use this function to calculate ERP and CFM.
public static void Calc(float springConstant, float dampingCofficient, float sprungMass, out float erp, out float cfm)
            float r = 2.0f * dampingCofficient * (float)Math.Sqrt(sprungMass * springConstant);
            float hk = Scene.OdeTimeStep * springConstant;
            erp = hk / (hk + r);
            cfm = 1.0f / (hk + r);



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LR wrote: 

I'm trying to use suspension in a hinge2 from spring constants that configure ERP and CFM. I'm using the documentation formula:

ERP = h kp / (h kp + kd)
CFM = 1 / (h kp + kd)
and my bodys jump .....
if i modify with :

ERP = h kp / (h  (  kp + kd  )  )
it feel really better. Is it a documentation error ? or does i have another problem ?
if i do the same modification with CFM =  1 / (h ( kp + kd ) ) my bodys jumps again ...

Hi, If i look at your formula:

ERP = h kp / (h  (  kp + kd  )  )
I can say that its equal to ERP = kp / (  kp + kd  )

and this equation doesnt take 'h' as parameter...
So I think your equation isnt correct.
Now I dont have the time to look on it, but perhaps somebody can help you with it...
see you

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