[ODE] cyl vs plane added

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Fri Mar 17 11:38:23 MST 2006


In SVN revision 857 you will find cyl/plane intersection functionality.
I've updated premake, Makefile.am and ode.dsp to add collision_cylinder_plance.cpp
I did not edit odeDLL.dsp, as that one seemed to lack all cyl specific
stuff. Is it obsolete?

I've added the cylinder object to the test_boxstack example.
Press 'y' to drop a cylinder.

Also, shouldnt we delete the top-lvl Makefile?
premake/vc6/automake are more than enough to maintain.
Also, I suggest we keep the autoconf stuff, next to premake,
because autoconf is a defacto standard and does not require
installing non std packages.

NOTE: We're still missing cyl-cyl tests.
There is one in contrib but it's unintelligable to me.
Also cyl-cyl tests are pretty hard to do. I tried to
write one, but the results were pretty poor.
There is a paper at
which goes beyond my math skills though.


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