[ODE] New release?

gl gl at ntlworld.com
Thu Mar 16 01:58:37 MST 2006

> What I want is to keep a HEAD that's really quite stable, and only gets
> critical bug fixes, and an UNSTABLE where seemingly good patches get
> committed. The talk about "killing" HEAD doesn't make sense, because
> then there's no distinction between release branch and development branch.

Commenting as a (current) outsider, keeping two branches is ideal.  In 
practice, ODE has seen very little admin movement for a long time (as you 
know) - the current very welcome efforts not withstanding - so I'd argue (as 
I have before a while ago) that having an administered unstable main branch 
is better than the project stagnating and patches falling by the wayside 
untested, as was the norm until recently.  It will cause a bit of pain no 
doubt, but it will also make sure that people participate in improvements 
and keep ODE moving - at least until someone is really able to administer 
two branches properly.

My 2p.

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