[ODE] New release?

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Tue Mar 14 13:05:55 MST 2006

Megan Fox wrote:
>>I agree in theory. I don't know how many people are actually building
>>against unstable (I am, but I not using trimeshes currently), so we
>>might not get any problem reports. I had planned to create unit tests
>>for each issue in the tracker, but obviously that isn't happening fast
>>enough. If you can give me 24 hours I will see if I can free up enough
>>time to write a test. Otherwise, just put it in.
> While I agree that development is good, and that things will likely
> break in the testing process, dead-ifying (I dub this a real word) the
> stable branch has made for a scenario where broken code can find its
> way into an unknowing just-getting-the-latest-code developer's hands.
> Any chance that, before something is committed that is potentially
> death-inducing, someone could throw a post to the list to let us know
> "hey, don't go updating your stable code trees to CVS until we're sure
> this works"?

How about a post thrown to the list, after the commit? :-)
These were just commited to UNSTABLE:

LMOTOR contrib (1335204)
This one is 100% safe, if you dont use it, nothing breaks.
NOTE: I'm missing test_motor.cpp, someone got that one?

mesh-mesh fix (1335183)
Well, I've ran test_moving_trimesh with and without the patch.
I have to say: the reversed normals work much better (still not perfect,
but the stanford bunnies look a lot less silly when colliding :-)


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