[ODE] Huge world vs precision problems

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 15:18:34 MST 2006

> The trick is to issue everything in camera relative space, rather than
> world space. Thus, you will subtract position of object (2500 km) from
> position of camera (2499 km) and end up with a value of only 1 km, which
> will not cause jitter when you pass it to OpenGL (or DirectX).
> You have to do the same thing for collision: Subtract the large values
> from each other, and pass the small (mesh-relative) values in to collision.

The trick works fine for rendering, definately, but to pull that off
in ODE you're effectively calling setpos on everything before every
phys world update.  Isn't that a "Bad Idea" (I thought setpos tended
to infere with the solver)?

-Megan Fox

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