[ODE] ODEed question

Szabo Gabor uchimata at t-online.hu
Thu Mar 9 16:30:49 MST 2006


As I think, you downloaded the dll version of ODE beside the Delphi
units in a package, called DelphiODE. Pascal source file (pas) is not a
documentation, it is a Delphi source code to import ODE functions from
DLL and to define the types are necessary. I believe you don't need it...

You should download the latest CVS snapshot or checkout the unstable
branch from the repository.


Jeremy Roberts wrote:
> Hello, I have a question.
>   Has anyone used ODEed before? 
> If not, what do you use to generate geoms/bodies etc. for your objects?
> If so, how do you import a .ms3d file?  It says it supports it but I can 
> only get it to load .3ds files.
> As a side note, does anyone know how to open a .pas file?  I cannot 
> find anything to open it and ODEed requires generation of a TODEObject 
> which is documented in a .pas file.
>   Thanks for your help,
>   Jeremy 
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