[ODE] buggy program

Dhiren Padhiar dhirenpadhiar at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 7 08:49:39 MST 2006

Dhiren Padhiar <dhirenpadhiar at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:    thanks for your input. that made a bit of difference but i want the buggy to reverse when it collides and then gradually stop, i can't seem to acheive that!
  now the buggy slows down when colliding but keeps going forward and bashing into the obstacle! i want the buggy to slow down while reversing.
  Any ideas?

Mark Williams <mark-wi at moving-picture.com> wrote:
> For example,
> if (g2)
> {
> for (speed = -0.3; speed==0; speed+=0.1)
> }

speed==0 is the condition on which the loop body is executed. As 'speed'
is being initialized to -0.3 this condition is never met. Did you mean
speed < 0.0 ?


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