[ODE] dynamic to static body

Jian Chen jichen8 at vt.edu
Thu Jun 29 23:48:52 MST 2006


I am trying to implement the following but wasn't about to get it  
work. Any hint is appreciated!!

Basically, it is a simple scene with blocks.. and users can add  
blocks and move and stack them together as well. However, I want to  
have whatever already build keep static and only the newly added  
block perform collision with existing ones (added previously).

I tried the following two:

Option 1:
When (users drop an object)

This doesn't have any effects. Objects are knocked down.

Option 2:
I also tried:
dJoint Attach(joint, obj[i].body, 0);

This will cause the objects fly away. I tried hinge joint and slider  
joint, but nothing works!

I am new to ODE.. please help..

--Jian Chen  (jichen8 at vt.edu)

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