[ODE] Coasting to a stop

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Wed Jun 28 14:47:41 MST 2006

Well... if you would want it to behave as is the spaceship
decelerates due to friction from an atmosphere:

I believe the drag-forces from air-resistance are proportional
to the square of the velocity.

Just add a force that has its direction opposite to the
velocity vector, with a magnitude that is some constant
(CW value) multiplied with the square of the velocity
vector magnitude.

At least, this is my guess.


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Hi all. I have set up a spaceship simulation, with 3 way rotation and
forward thrust. I want the spaceship's rotation to decelerate when no force
in being applied in any given plane. Can anybody please point me to any
tutorials or sample code which may cover this. I've attempted a google
search but I've turned up nothing.

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