[ODE] Ray - Cylinder collider submission

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 28 07:25:46 MST 2006

Hi, I've written a Ray - Cylinder collider function.

I hope this will be useful to the community, and that it can be added
to SVN. I've tested and commented the code pretty extensively, so my
working should be pretty clear.

Hope this helps.

David Walters

ps. I've not tested double precision or on any non-Win32 build.


Installation instructions:

Please find the core of the code attached to this e-mail. Paste the
code into ray.cpp at the bottom somewhere.

In addition, the following two small changes need to be made to hook it up.

* collision_kernel.cpp

Add this to the list of registrations in 'initColliders':

  setCollider( dRayClass, dCylinderClass, &dCollideRayCylinder );

* collision_std.h

Add this prototype:

int dCollideRayCylinder( dxGeom *o1, dxGeom *o2,
                                  int flags, dContactGeom *contact, int skip );

That's it : - )
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