[ODE] Noobish query - building ver 0.6 in Windows

Vicious Love viciouslove at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 18:22:19 MST 2006

Hey, all. Was wondering if you could assist me with something, or at least
point me at a few pertinent tutorials that'll let me figure out how to do it
myself. Ideally near-entry-level ones that don't assume familiarity with all
sorts of concepts that are never even mentioned by name within said
tutorials, let alone explicated.

I basically need section 2.1 of the ODE documentation, "Installing ODE",
updated for version 0.6. Specifically the bits about building it for Windows
(for use with MiniGW via Dev CPP, if that matters), particularly the bit
thereof that refers to a directory which doesn't exist. I can only assume
the contents of the directory in question give one some sense of how to make
the thing, else I'm even more in the dark than I'd initially assumed.
Minimal experience with the GNU toolchain, don'tchaknow. I realize this is a
pretty tall order, but I've really no clue how to proceed.
Again, I'd be more than satisfied with a link to a pertinent tutorial, so
long as I needn't go through a dozen other tutorials in order to understand
it. Or rather, if I do have to go through a dozen tutorials, please link
them all, ideally in the proper sequence. Thanks.
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