[ODE] OT: new linux game

Daniel K. O. danielko.listas at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 20:11:14 MST 2006

Bram Stolk escreveu:
> Not entirely on-topic, but:
> I want to announce the first release of my linux game,
> "Sturmbahnfahrer - A simulated obstacle course for automobiles"
> It's based on ODE and PLIB, and is available under GPL from
> http://www.sturmbahnfahrer.com

I was curious, but not enough to reboot on my Mandriva box. So I just 
downloaded and built it on MinGW (GCC 3.4.5), removing the ALSA bits (do 
you really have to use ALSA? What about PLIB's SL?). The game is really 
interesting, I liked it. But it's too hard for me. :)

I sent the link to some friends, that also didn't want to reboot on 
their Free OS just to give a try, so I uploaded my .exe for them at:

(NO SOUND, depends on GLUT32.DLL, get it from 

So I thought that it could be useful for other linux-deprived people. I 
hope you don't mind for me not redistributing the sources, as the .exe 
won't run anyways without the data files from your source archive.

Daniel K. O.

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