[ODE] solving penetrations "statically"

Anton Shekhovtsov anton at creoteam.com
Sun Jun 25 09:29:53 MST 2006

I applied the patch, and noticed these problems:
 * the modification does not help to resolve penetrations: resting bodies
sink into the ground depending on timestep
 * the oscillation of resting bodies becomes bigger and causes them to move

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Subject: [ODE] solving penetrations "statically"

> Here's a test modification to ODE using Erin's "Split PGS" idea to
> resolve penetrations more gracefully, demo included:
> http://andres.ediy.co.nz/files/test_split-sor.zip
> It seems to work okay, but I'm not certain my changes are correct...
> Also the final position update is just hacked in, it needs to be
> properly integrated with dxStepBody (as it currently doesn't apply any
> rotational error correction at all).
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