[ODE] Continuous collision detection for ODE

Erwin Coumans erwin at erwincoumans.com
Sat Jun 24 12:49:10 MST 2006

That sounds like a complete new engine. Could you first create a seperate 
project, and then we can discuss what parts to take?

I'm developing another open source (continuous+discrete) collision detection 
and physics engine, and adding large parts like collision detection should 
be dealth with carefully I think. See 


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Subject: [ODE] Continuous collision detection for ODE

> Hello all,
> I've been working on a large modification to ODE, with these goals in 
> mind:
> - continuous collision detection
> - stable trimesh-trimesh collisions
> - mass ratio invariance (heavy things won't sink into the ground)
> The resulting engine will be significantly slower but still useful for
> real time applications.
> The modification replaces (or adds its own version of) the following:
> - all collision detection routines
> - dWorldStep
> - dSolveLCP (small modification)
> - some general utility functions, island processing, AABB tests
> I'm not done yet, but I'm asking anyway in order to make sure I'm going
> the right direction:
> if I complete the project and make it usable, could it theoretically be
> integrated into ODE, or will it have to be a separate independent engine?
> I'm asking this because I'd like to know how backwards compatible I should
> make my modification. If you think it's a bad idea to integrate it into
> ODE, then I'll be able to save time by writing dirtier code.
> Thanks,
> Michael
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