[ODE] Setting Joint Positions

Hampus hampus at sxp.se
Thu Jun 22 10:13:41 MST 2006

No, there are no dJointSetXXXAngle functions afaik.

Save/Restore of body positions and rotations should be pretty  
straight forward.


22 jun 2006 kl. 22.46 skrev Andrew Maas:

> As a clarification, I am trying to set the joint not to be at a
> position in global space, but rather I want a particular joint to be
> at X radians. Setting a joint to be at a certain number of radians
> makes me not have to worry about what that means for the positions and
> rotations of the bodies attached to the joint.
> thanks for your help
> -- 
> Andrew Maas
> Carnegie Mellon University
> School of Computer Science

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