[ODE] Tri-mesh problem with collisions

Christian Flodihn flodis at spray.se
Wed Jun 21 18:06:53 MST 2006

I use the 3ds format as well and I noticed that the 3ds format swapped y and z planes compared to Opengl (and probably DirectX). So when read the vectors and faces I'll just did something like this:

opengl_vectors = []
for vector in file.vectors:
   (x, z, y) = vector
    opengl_vectors.append((x, y, z))

I am using ode 0.5 and I have come to realize that trimeshes work very poorly.
Trimeshes that have lengths smaller than about 1.0 doesn't collision detect at all.

Hope that helps

//Christian Flodihn

> Från: Tristan McMillan <tmcmillan at tmiconsult.co.za>
> Till: ode at q12.org
> Rubrik: [ODE] Tri-mesh problem with collisions
> Datum: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 17:10:05 +0200

> Hi
> I'm a relative newbie to ODE and I've being medaling with the Tri-mesh
> function.
> I have now drawn a truck in 3d studio max and exported the vertex and
> index co-ordinates points which I read into my modified code of the test
> trimesh example. However the first tri-mesh truck doesn't penetrate the
> ground, but when I drop subsequent trucks on top of the original they
> penetrate  the truck to a certain extent and then they fall through the
> ground.
> Are there any more explicit tutorials on the tri-mesh function and does
> anyone have any ideas what could be generating this problem.
> Thanks
> Tristan
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