[ODE] deterministic simulations

Hampus hampus at sxp.se
Wed Jun 21 01:23:57 MST 2006

I know this topic has been up before.

I got a reply from another mailing list from a warcraft programmer on  
how they solved FPU problems for deterministic simulations.

 >No, I wrote an FPU emulator in C that used the integer unit for all  
its work. It wasn't pretty. But >by god it worked everywhere, even  
PowerPC. I only had to drop to assembly for __cntlzw (as >well as an  
Intel equivalent that used BSR).

 >Warcraft III utilizes this code; when I last checked, about 5% of  
our execution time was >dedicated to FPU-less floating point math.

Would and FPU emulator be feasable for ODE too?


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