[ODE] Spaceship movement.

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Jun 20 09:14:48 MST 2006

Michael Molkenthin wrote:
> multiplying the current angular velocity with a negative value e.g. 
> -10000.0f and adding this via dBodyAddTorque().
Unless your mass is really high, that's probably a way too large number 
(by several digits).

> Another point that i had to object: My Matrices initially were used to 
> transform the mesh to world space. ODE seems to use matrices transforming 
> the world to the local object/mesh space. So i am transposing the matrices 
No. Instead, ODE stores the matrices in a different order than your 
graphics library.

See http://www.mindcontrol.org/~hplus/graphics/matrix-layout.html for 
more information (on DX, OpenGL, ODE and others).


          / h+

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