[ODE] Spaceship movement.

Holger Urbanek holger.urbanek at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 00:44:49 MST 2006

On Tue Jun 20 07:03:47 GMT+00:00 2006, Christian Flodihn <flodis at spray.se>
> I am trying to make a combat space simulator similar to
> "Tiefighter" (released by Lucas Arts around 93-95).

With ODE however, it will be more a space simulator like Elite Final
Frontier. Tie-Fighter (like Wingcomander, X-Fighter, Tie vs. X-Fighter ...)
don't have much to do with real dynamics. The only games with "realistic"
Space-Combat are the two Elite successors. Sadly those were buggy like hell.

For now I just set the linear velocity on the bodies, but I read
> in the user guide that is wrong. I tried to use motors but I can
> not figure out how to make them move the body like a spaceship.

 Indeed, you shouldn'd do that.
Instead simply use forces: e.g. dBodyAddForce and dBodyAddTorque (Manual
v0.5 Page 20, Chapter 6.3 "Mass and Force")
The main thrusters, e.g. are delivering a forward force. Break-Thrusters
will deliver a backward force.  Steering thrusters will most probably
deliver torques to turn the spaceship around.  And so on.

That would be the way I would have taken ...
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