[ODE] Making a leg (newbie question)

Vasco Freitas vbfr at rnl.ist.utl.pt
Sun Jun 18 08:44:58 MST 2006


I'm just starting to use ODE, so sorry for the newbie question.

I'm trying to make a leg, so I made two bodies and a hinge joint. I want 
to do this in 2D, so all forces I apply are only to x and z coordinates. 
The problem is when I move a body (by applying forces) the distance 
between the two bodies is always the same, and it shouldn't be right? It 
should be able to "bend the knee"...

Maybe the problem has to do with dJointSetHingeAxis(), because I don't 
understand how to set the axis from the brief discription in the manual.

I'd really appreciate any help on this,


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