[ODE] new on list, an introduction, and questions and comments about new release

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Fri Jun 16 23:08:22 MST 2006

> The new documentation is harder to use as well.  With a single large
> document searching is much easier than when topics are split into
> different pages.  It's especially easy with searching a large html
> document via Firefox, the highlight feature is really nice.

I *hope* there's still a single monolithic manual that can be printed out...
haven't looked at the 0.6 release yet.

> I also noticed in the "INSTALL" file support for VC6 is to be dropped
> because VS 2005 Express C++ is free.  I've tried the express version and
> it's crippled software.  It can not build native code, much less a
> native code DLL.

That's not even remotely true.  Did you read the help page that pops up as
soon as you install it?

-- john

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