[ODE] Colliders array not initialized

Jussi Lepistö jussi.lepisto at iki.fi
Fri Jun 16 00:35:51 MST 2006


I'm having a problem with ODE 0.6 which I didn't have with 0.5. Sometimes, but not always, after collisions have happened and closing the application (and yes, only when closing the application, not when collisions happen), the following assert fails in collision_kernel.cpp:

dUASSERT(colliders_initialized,"colliders array not initialized");

Now, as far as I know, this Shouldn't Happen, especially since everything works correctly: collisions are detected and responded to, and I see no glitches in behavior.

I'm suspecting I'm overwriting memory somewhere, but I haven't yet found anything wrong with my code (I don't have a simple failing example, sorry) and this doesn't happen with 0.5 using the same code. Now, of course this could simply mean that I'm overwriting a different area of memory in 0.5, but first I want to know if anyone else has encountered the same problem.

Oh, and this is on Windows with the Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit compiler.

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