[ODE] Cylinder / Capsule

LR logreg at free.fr
Thu Jun 15 09:29:04 MST 2006

Bram, i told you few weeks ago that i have a problem with the cylinder
You made a test project to test it.
I searched what append and i think i found : the test you made is a cylinder
connected to a body (rotated) witch falls on a sphere.
In my case, cylinder is encaplusated inside a transforgeom. Then, if i take
your exemple and encapsulate the cylinder in a transforgeom : all is ok.
But instead of rotate the body, i rotate the geom inside the transformgeom,
and then it crash ... (or not be it's like ...).
That is curious that, always in the same exemple, if i change
dCreateCylinder for dCreateCapsule ... all is OK.
Does i do something wrong ? or there is a bug :) ?
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