[ODE] Getting X,y,Z rotation from rotation matrix

Greg Slabaugh greg_slabaugh at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 14 17:53:49 MST 2006

> > oops
> > > http://users.ece.gatech.edu/~slabaugh/personal/research/euler/euler.pdf
> > 
> > does not exists any more,
> working code could be found here 
>  http://www.starfireresearch.com/services/java3d/samplecode/FlorinEulers.html it even claims it
> fixes problems  with the original  algo
> Sergey


I was browsing the archive and noticed that someone linked to a report on my old home page (which got shut down, unfortunately), I thought I'd send the updated link in case it is helpful:



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