[ODE] No Rotation Joint

Hidden Asbestos hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 14 06:45:13 MST 2006

Hi, a while back, *Guru2012* posted a no rotation joint which I've recently
stumbled across.


I've recently taken the code and integrated this (with one change to
norotationGetInfo2 which I have commented-out but left intact) into my local
copy of ODE 0.6 and it works great. I use it to keep my player avatar
capsule upright and to me it seems cleaner to do this as a constraint rather
than fixing up angles after the simulation step.

I've tested it using my gravity-gun ripoff and thrown various boxes and
spheres into a test capsule - it stayed upright at all times. I can't claim
that it's 100% perfect as I didn't write the code, but I'd say judging by
the number of requests for a feature like this - that it would be a useful
addition to ODE and something that could be improved over time once it was
put into everyone's hands.

So, could someone with SVN access please be kind enough to review and
integrate this code into the trunk?
The attached .zip file contains a number of files (as the code changes
things in a few places) but it's a 3 minute cut&paste job to add it. To
contribute I have added an additional doxygen comment and used the ODE_API
macro where appropriate - so that the code conforms to the other joints.

Actually using the joint is as simple as creating it and attaching it to as
body and NULL.

David Walters

p.s. My thanks to everyone who put together ODE 0.6 and who are actively
working on this excellent project.
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