[ODE] lib question

LR logreg at free.fr
Tue Jun 13 05:46:46 MST 2006

I'm always trying to understant why low mass geoms crash the simulation.
A question : I'm using a plugin system: core is running simulation and
plugins can act on the core and on ODE. i built ODE ReleaseLib then ODE code
is embedded in each plugin and in the core.
I know it's not a good solution but at this time it's easier for me.
My question is : 
Does ODE keep "global" simulation variables (in this case it's normal my
simulation crash : plugins variables does not contains good values), or does
ODE keep all its variables inside an world object ? (in this case pfouuu i
don't understant what happend).
Changing the mass resolves all my problems (it seems ...) but it's not
normal i must enter something like 0,500 kg for a little robot wheel ....
A precision : when plugins are mounted, core gives pointers to created
objects to the plugin
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