[ODE] Trimesh collision problem

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Mon Jun 12 11:21:43 MST 2006

This ties in with the invalid-floating-point question, too.  If you use a
trimesh terrain, you WILL get tunnelling.  If you don't check your object
positions every frame to see if they've fallen below whatever you consider
your world's "bottom" to be, they will eventually cause slowdowns at best
and crashes at worst as they sail off into nothingness.

The dTerrain geoms don't have that problem, which is another reason they
need to be considered as first-class types.  The ODE Wiki page is returning
404s at the moment; were the dTerrain contributions made official in 0.6?

-- jm

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> Right, the problem is called 'tunnelling'.  I haven't done this
> myself, but
> a common solution is to create capsules or boxes to represent the
> distance
> travelled between steps.
> --
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