[ODE] job offer, physical simulations

Cristian Bianchi cris at cris.hspace.name
Mon Jun 12 01:21:20 MST 2006

Hello to the Ode Community,
I'm sorry if I'm going out of topic, but here's an interesting job offer for
everyone who loves working in Real-Time related simulations. The application
field is the medical one, the most important requirement is to be Resident
in the United Kingdom, better in London and its neighbours.

I'm looking for resourceful, independent, software engineers for Virtual
Reality R&D projects. You will work within the development of innovative
simulation systems.


- Computer science or electrical engineering degree

- Strong C/C++ knowledge (Visual Studio .NET)

- Experience with 3D programming (OpenGL, DirectX, 3D Engines) and/or
Real-time simulations (Particle Systems, Physics Engines like Havok, Ode,

- Ability to work independently and as a team member.

- Resident in UK.

If you are interested, please send a detailed CV to:
Cristian Bianchi mail: c.bianchi at mrv-ltd.co.uk

Cristian Bianchi

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