[ODE] Of Macs and test output

Neil Stevens neil at hakubi.us
Fri Jun 9 09:21:05 MST 2006

Sorry if this comes twice...

Ryan Gardner wrote:
> I downloaded the framework you put up. Is there any chance you can  
> put up your makefile that created it?
> Does it build a framework that matches the ./configure settings?
> It would be very nice if an --enable-framework-output option could be  
> included in ./configure.


Here you go.  Put those files in opende/build/mac (you'll have to create
that directory), then from the top opende directory do a make -f

Read the file for details and configuration.

I'm more likely to grit my teeth and deal with Xcode before I mess
around with the GNU stuff, though.  But if the Makefile works, why
bother with either?

Note that there's a makefile for the tests in there.  It's hacky, doing
some magic in order to run against the built framework, but I just
needed it whipped together real quick to be able to run some tests.

Neil Stevens - neil at hakubi.us

"Good policy is good politics." -- Tom Coburn

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