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Ray returns one contact for each geom coliding, of course but the near
callback is called for each object coliding with the ray.
Imagine a 5 meters ray witch tutch 5 boxes : nearcallback is called 5 times
(5*1 contact point).

Then my question was : if the first detected object is at (for exemple) 1
meter, can y change the length of the ray (to 1 meter, during the time step)
to avoid coliding test with boxes that are after the 1 meter length ? In
fact if an object is detected at a distance, it's not usefull to keep the
full ray length during this timestep ...


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Rays only return one contact (that being the first), according to the


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kurimail wrote:
> If you are talking about changing the ray length while detecting 
> collisions, i think that the collisions are compute all at the same time.
> And for the next callback, you don't know if there will be an object 
> at 2 meters.
> I am not sure if there is one way to tell the ray to obtain only the 
> first contact... i thought that rays only returned one contact :S
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