[ODE] Player's Avatar Motion

Joshua Hayes-Sheen grevian at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 08:20:51 MST 2006

have a look here: 

It's actually for OgreOde, the ode bindings for the Ogre3d engine, but 
it displays and explains a popular concept for avatar motion, and has a 
lot of code that should port to straight ode pretty easily.

Ecker, Bryan R wrote:
> Hello experts,
> I just found ODE very recently, and I've been working with it a lot – 
> and so far, I’ve integrated it into a simple game engine demo that I 
> was working on for the purposes of learning ODE and refreshing my OSG 
> knowledge.
> Anyway, I'm a complete noob at this, and although it's very intuitive, 
> and straightforward in a lot of ways, I've run into a snag, and I'm 
> not entirely sure where to begin looking for a solution.
> What I've done is made a simple demo arena - a 100m square room with 
> 10m high walls (although in reality, the walls are infinite planes, as 
> is the ground). The "player" is currently represented by a 1 by 1 by 2 
> cube which is supposed to represent the player’s avatar bounding box.
> The player, obviously, is supposed to move around the arena based on 
> user input. I've achieved motion by applying force to the user in the 
> direction I want it to go, but the box topples over, and rolls around 
> as if someone were pushing the box, instead of moving around of its 
> own volition, with a sense of balance. Also it ricochets off the walls 
> (often to an upward angle) instead of coming to a stop, like a game 
> character would.
> Actually, this behavior is quite expected, and looks very natural (if 
> you imagine someone there who's applying force to the box) - but it's 
> not what I want. How would one go about simulating self-propulsion - 
> either a player walking/running/jumping, or a car driving, or 
> something like that?
> I hope this isn't too stupid a question, but I've found no beginner 
> tutorials for ODE, and I'm having trouble coming up with a solution 
> that works.
> ~BRE
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