[ODE] solving penetrations "statically"

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You can't do that if your nonpenetration constraint equations are expressed
in velocity like ODE. You always have some drift in position.
Search for paper by David Stewart and Jeff Trinkle to see how to use
position constraint.
But keep in mind that it can only solve 90% of the case. The linearization
of colliding surfaces brings back penetration for concave curve.

On 6/7/06, Anton Shekhovtsov <anton at creoteam.com> wrote:
> Erin Catto wrote:
> > Otherwise, you'll need to compute two sets of Lagrange multipliers
> > (lambdas). The first set includes the position correction while the
> second
> > set does not. Apply the first set to generate non-persistant velocities
> that
> > are simply used to update the positions. Use the second set of lambdas
> to
> > generate the final velocities for the step. This way position correction
> > won't affect the momentum of the system.
> Looks promising, however I do not understand the subject of lambdas.
> What part of ODE source is involved with this? How much I am about to
> change
> to do that? :)
> could you please point me to some more info
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