[ODE] Allocation problem?

Andrew Arcilla andrew at lookaheaddecisions.com
Tue Jun 6 14:55:37 MST 2006



I am using ODE version 0.6 rc3 right now, and I am getting a crash / unknown
exception in the dSolveLCP function, approximately line 1346 in lcp.cpp.
The line of code is: "ALLOCA (dReal,L,n*nskip*sizeof(dReal));" which I
assume is an attempt to allocate memory (correct me if I'm wrong).  So, does
anybody know why this line might crash?  Why ODE might experience problems
trying to allocate memory?  I don't think I have reached any memory limits,
because my program isn't taking up a large amount of memory at the point of
the crash.  Any suggestions would be appreciated, because I have no clue.




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