[ODE] 0.6-RC3

Jason Perkins starkos at gmail.com
Sun Jun 4 05:23:11 MST 2006

I just uploaded 0.6-rc3 to SourceForge. Unless a major issue is found
I would like this to be last candidate before the official release. I
will look into the Windows .pdf issues but I would rather not let that
hold up this release. If there are any issues that you know must be
resolved before 0.6, let me know asap.

I would like to collect a list of the major
improvements/accomplishments since 0.5. Here is what I know about,
feel free to add more.

* Improved stepping function (dWorldQuickStep)
* Much improved support for trimesh collision shapes
* Added support for 64-bit systems
* Started support for flat-capped cylinders and convex hulls
* New and improved build system
* New feature: geom offsets
* Lots of bug fixes, stability, and performance improvements


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