Russell Bartley russellbartley at kromestudios.com
Thu Jun 1 19:16:24 MST 2006

    I'm writing code to render the ODE shapes in wireframe for debug purposes, and while using dGeomGetAABB() I noticed that if I only have one body in my sim, the returned AABB is local to that particular geom (i.e. -25,+25,-25,+25,-25,+25).
But when I add more bodies the same call dGeomGetAABB() starts returning absolute world AABB coordinates for the same geom (i.e. -2700,-2750,....).

This is because when calling dSpaceCollide() if there is more than one body, the AABB gets recomputed and set to the world coordinates.

I'm guessing here that an AABB is meant to be in world coordinates, so is it a bug where you have only one body? I suppose not many people test much with 1 body and it doesn't come up ever really, but I can successfully add dPlanes with my dBox and collide with them and still recieve local AABB's for the dBox.

Should I assume AABB's are meant to be in world coords?

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