[ODE] 0.6 rc2 on Windows

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu Jun 1 18:37:00 MST 2006

But it's still a manual step. Thus, it'd be better if the solutions just 
did it for you when you first attempted to compile.

The problem, I think, is not "what is the manual step I need to take;" 
the problem is "I need to take a manual step."


          / h+

Geoff Carlton wrote:
> Jon Watte (ODE) wrote:
>> Couldn't someone write a custom build event/rule for the visual studio 
>> solution, that "created" the file from the default? I'm actually almost 
>> certain that it would be possible. Whether you could get premake to 
>> generate that rule is another question entirely :-)
> How about a few batch files in the root or in the \build subdirectory:
>   copy_config_single_trimesh.bat
>   copy_config_double_trimesh.bat
>   ..
> Its windows only, but its simple, and it works.
> Geoff
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