[ODE] Of Macs and test output

Neil Stevens neil at hakubi.us
Thu Jun 1 18:29:46 MST 2006

Ryan Gardner wrote:
> When you say framework - you mean as an OS X framework? That sounds 
> great.

I do.

> Do you have different versions of the framework bundled in for 
> the different options? (i.e. double precision... etc?) Any chance you 
> can send me the Xcode project, or the precompiled framework?

It's just a Makefile.  I can put it up for download now if you like, but 
  if you just want to test the output for me, it's at 

 > I'm working
> on getting an OPAL project to build - and linking against a framework in 
> Xcode is much nicer than linking against a dylib and including header 
> files...

That's the idea, heh.

> I would run the test output of test_ode.cpp but my version isn't the 
> latest - and sourceforge's SVN server is down right now.

No rush.

Neil Stevens - neil at hakubi.us

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