[ODE] HeightField Example?

Kay kangkang at interchange.ubc.ca
Mon Jul 31 18:15:47 MST 2006

Thanks everybody. Those things you pointed out are exactly what I was 
looking for...Apparantely I was not familiar with the repository.:-) .... 
Hopefully I'll get better soon.


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> David Walters wrote:
>>> Hi, I am thinking to use HeightField to collide with boxes. Since there 
>>> is
>>> no documentation on HeightField, I am wondering if anyone has some
>>> example/test code to share. Thanks a lot.
>> Hi, I'm not sure what you mean - the API is documented in collision.h
>> and there's a 'test_heightfield' which demonstrates collision with
>> every geom type that's supported.
> Indeed....
> The inline documentation can be consulted via the doxygen output at:
> http://opende.sourceforge.net/docs/group__collide.html#ga39
> But these docs may not be displayed prominently enough:
> -first you go to ode.org
> -then you click on 'new ode wiki' link
> -then you click on 'doxygen api' in left frame.
> -then you select modules
> -then you select collision detection.
>   Bram
>> Regards,
>> Dave
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