[ODE] Huge performance drop

Syed Setia Pernama syedhs at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 31 02:28:46 MST 2006


OS: Windows XP
Compiler: Visual C++ 2005

I am using Ode to generate collision using 4 large
trimeshes. I know that this could be a taxing in
performance, but it is still under control in my
development machine (running about 35-40FPS). But
there are several weird problems:

1) In my development machine which runs at 40FPS,
there is a rare moment where performance suddenly
drops to less than 1FPS. The FPS was very low until
after a few seconds, for which the app resume to the
working FPS.

2) In the other computer (non-development), the
applications runs unreasonably slow even at a good
spec computer. Please take a look at below spec, and
the FPS it generates:
  a) Development machine:
     Notebook Core Duo 1.83, NVIDIA 7400 256MB
     FPS: 35-40
  b) Pentium IV 3Ghz, RAM 2GB, NVIDIA 7800GT 256MB
     FPS: 15
     Comment: Not too slow, but it should exceed (a)
  c) Pentium IV 2.x Ghz, RAM 2GB, ATI GECUBE 9600.
     FPS: < 1

I searched thru this forum, and found that the small
stack size in Windows could the culprit. Is it true? I
have increased the stack size to 100MB , but no

I have isolated the problem to physics (ODE) as
disabling all ODE trimeshes result in
   a) 70 FPS
   b) 120 FPS
   c) 40-50 FPS

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