[ODE] Heightfield Origin Change

David Walters hidden.asbestos at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 26 01:54:35 MST 2006

> I guess it's just a temporary fix until the Wise General Population
> decides whether it is best to have the position at the center or on
> the corner?

Hi, this point was discussed a fair bit the other week, both sides
were pretty equally divided, but as the position for all other geoms
is the centre it would seem easier for newcomers to the project if it
was like that. Consistancy is important when you're learning in my

Otherwise, I worry much about having such a big potential
> difference in people's code, which will make code sharing problematic.
> Or am I just being fidgety and a PITA?

If you have code which relies on the original corner location then you
can use a pre-processor macro to activate this configuration, so there
should be no problems interfacing in this case.

Bear in mind that although this (partial) functionality has existed as
a contrib for quite a long time, heightfields have only been part of
ODE for a few weeks (and only in the very latest SVN revisions, not
the last official release) - therefore it seems much less likely to be
disruptive as I'd wager that few people are using this geom type yet.


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