[ODE] ODE wiki, note on compiling in MinGW

Jean de Largentaye jean at largentaye.org
Tue Jul 25 02:14:29 MST 2006

Hi Rodrigo,

I've noticed a recent change in the ODE wiki, "building ODE" part. A
user indicates how to build ODE on MinGW *. Basically it's just adding
'\' at the end of lines in the generated in ode/src, in the
"am__append_12" list.
I'm guessing this is an autotool version problem at core. I also
recall some general issues regarding the version of make that comes
with MinGW. Do you have any other comments on the issue (ie, upgrade
Actually, my motivation in pointing this out is that I'm not too keen
in having this fix take up space in the "ODE Installation" section of
the manual, which I hope to keep as concise as possible...
I guess this problem/solution has already been pointed out on the
mailing-list, but I can't find the mail at the moment. If the wiki
user "Jagot" is around, could you tell us which version of autotool
and make MinGW provides you with?

* you can see the diff at:
and if the link doesn't work for some reason, it's at
section How_To_Build_ODE_Just_About_Everywhere_Else, in the Note.

Regards, and sorry to bother you with such a trivial problem,

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