[ODE] Specifying a different scale factor for the TriMesh?

Sami Ahmad samsoom_naal at postmaster.co.uk
Sun Jul 23 01:57:04 MST 2006

I saw the dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSimple function which accepts pointers to the Vertices and the Indices,
which must stay valid after building the AABBTree.
and that is good because we can then construct one TriMesh data and have multiple Geoms connected to this TriMesh for the same collision model.

My problem is that i have objects that have the same collision model but with different scale factors.
I didn't see the ode supports specifying a different scale factor for the geom.
The implementation that i'm going to do is to scale every collision model on my own and pass the newly allocated collision model to the dGeomTriMeshDataBuildSimple.

ofcourse this means having almost AABBTree per each Geom. and ofcourse this will consume alot of memory.

Is there is a better way doing this without allocating different collision model for each Object.
I mean can't we say just dGeomSetScale()?

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