[ODE] FPS Player physics: how to construct player, how to move up a staircase, etc?

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Sat Jul 22 07:36:38 MST 2006

This is covered in the Wiki and FAQ. The most popular option seems to be 
a ccylinder (capsule) for body on top of a raycast for legs/foothold.


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michael kapelko wrote:
> So at last i got some basic ODE knowledge.
> I loaded an Q3 level, made TriMesh geom of it, so now it's like "ground".
> Now I need to make FPS Player. How to make it?
> I thought I can create it of two spheres connected with a slider joint 
> so the player is able to sneak.
> And I want to place camera into the upper one.
> But then there exists a hole in the "middle" of the player, so it will 
> result in strange collision.
> So what is the best way do it?
> And how to move up a staircase? I'm at a loss how to do it. Should I 
> measure the height of a stair and then, if it's not high enough, move up 
> to the next stair?
> Thanks.
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