[ODE] FPS Player physics: how to construct player, how to move up a staircase, etc?

Pierre-Laurent CHAMBERT pilo.c at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jul 22 00:02:08 MST 2006


Maybe the best choice for a human is to use a capsule for collision detection.

For the stair stuff : maybe the shape of capsule can help you a bit...
What I've done before for character object I use the same thing as quake 3, by 
sweeping an ellispe in a trimesh, and clipping velocity along wall normal. 
This way you will get no problem of character getting out of the trimesh.
My try with "physics engine only" character movement always lead to some 
penetration, and even worse, character getting thru the ground and falling in 
the infinite.

On Saturday 22 July 2006 04:46, michael kapelko wrote:
> So at last i got some basic ODE knowledge.
> I loaded an Q3 level, made TriMesh geom of it, so now it's like "ground".
> Now I need to make FPS Player. How to make it?
> I thought I can create it of two spheres connected with a slider joint
> so the player is able to sneak.
> And I want to place camera into the upper one.
> But then there exists a hole in the "middle" of the player, so it will
> result in strange collision.
> So what is the best way do it?
> And how to move up a staircase? I'm at a loss how to do it. Should I
> measure the height of a stair and then, if it's not high enough, move up
> to the next stair?
> Thanks.
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