[ODE] Automatic forwarding of SF project bug/features to the list?

Jean de Largentaye jean at largentaye.org
Fri Jul 21 08:26:46 MST 2006

I was just wondering if it was 1) possible and 2) desirable to have
the Feature Requests and Bug reports that come from SF.net's interface
be autmoatically forwarded to this list.?
Maybe someone familiar with SF.net's admin interface and with the
right privileges can answer 1) (Jason?)

As for 2), I know I'm interested in it, and it can be useful in
getting the info to the right people who don't consult the project
page regularly. However, as with all "push" systems, there is a risk
of being drowned in noise. I guess it's the eternal balance between
moderated and non-moderated system, even though we're currently quite
well moderated (thanks Jason!).
In the end, tt's just to get the load off Jason.


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